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Restoring the Glory of Indonesian Rattan: Strategy and Global Market Potential

Restoring the glory of Indonesian rattan is a goal that is being fought for in the furniture industry, where rattan from Indonesia has succeeded in dominating 80 percent of the global market supply.

In 2022, the export value of Indonesian furniture products will reach USD 2.5 billion or the equivalent of 32 trillion rupiah, recording quite an impressive achievement.

To improve the performance of the furniture industry, five strategies have been implemented diligently.
Apart from wood, rattan furniture products are also attracting interest in the Canadian market.

Statistical data shows that in 2021, the import value of Canadian rattan furniture products will reach CAD 35.6 million or the equivalent of IDR 412 million, recording significant growth compared to the previous year.

Indonesia is ranked third as an exporter of rattan furniture products to Canada in 2021, with an export value reaching CAD 624 thousand or the equivalent of IDR 7.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the value of Indonesia's exports to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta also recorded quite significant figures, although there are no records of exports of rattan furniture products to the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Seeing the large market potential, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded that exports of processed products made from rattan from Indonesia have great opportunities to develop.

Indonesia has a competitive advantage in the rattan furniture industry, especially because of its abundant natural resources.
The government is trying to downstream natural resources to boost national economic growth, with rattan as one of the main focuses.

Even though there will be a decline in exports of furniture products in 2023, Indonesia still holds the top position in the category of furniture made from rattan.
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